samsung phone 525

This exhaust on the left was burnt out, flaking hot metal off onto everything underneath.

This is the indoor picture of the new exhaust we installed. We also built a frame that goes through the ceiling to the roof to support the muffler. Note the air gap rings that the inner tin for the insulation bolts to. With the insulation left open to outside, convection carries the hot air away from the pipe preventing future burnouts and allowing thinner exhaust material. This also helps take stress off the cast engine components.

samsung phone 542
samsung phone 537

The above exhaust system outdoors. We have also installed this system into seacan generators as well.

We’ve replaced many small engine exhausts as well. From turbo to tailpipe, structural supports included. We bring all the parts, bolt up, gaskets and even rain caps.


These pictures include the expansion joint, outside connections to muffler and the frame.


Large stainless exhaust.